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Like many Internet forums and life in general there are rules that are needed to be followed to keep the society and well-being of the community intact. We at The Porn Bay try and keep discussions as free and open as possible.
And as most societies in life there are limitations that can not be broken at any cost, and some that are tolerated in some cases.
We try and keep the rules reasonable for you the users to both feel comfortable and safe. Please follow these simple rules, or like most societies there will be consequences.

1.01 This is an English language board, We encourage you to try your best to post in English.
1.02 Be courteous and respectful of other members.
1.03 Avoid personal attacks when discussing politics and controversial issues.
1.04 There will be no excessive use of profanity. Please keep all foul language to a minimum.
1.05 Always thank members for their contributions.
1.06 Keep all your posts as constructive as possible.
1.07 Do not share your account.
1.08 Do not re-register if your board privileges have been revoked (banned).
1.09 Report rule violators.
1.10 Be polite and respectful to other members, this is an open forum to discuss all aspects of sex in a friendly enviorment.
1.11 Do not remove administrator/moderator statements added to your post, such as notices and warnings. These notices are made so that you and other members will see them and were put there for a reason.
1.12 Do not give out any personal identification of yourself or others. You do so at your own risk.
1.13 Do not register more then one account under any circumstances.
1.14 Do not abuse your privileges or misuse any of the features that are here.
1.15 You will not use this forum to impersonate, mislead or falsely identify your self with any or as any person or identity.
1.16 No flaming (Antagonistic, slanderous, racist, ethic, sexist comments or any other personal discriminations will not be tolerated).
1.17 Please make sure to include a clear description of your topics.
1.18 Post in the correct forum. Take the time to look at the other threads, read forum descriptions and see where your thread should go.
1.19 We reserve the right to remove/edit/move any post/topics we deem abusive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise unacceptable to our community. This also include posts that are made by bots.
1.20 Posts, regardless of the topic, should be useful, interesting, appropriate and at the very least contain something to do with the topic.
1.21 Help others. The forum is a community, and works best when people share information.
1.22 Be patient. All the participants of this forum, are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time.
1.23 Give feedback. If someone helps you by answering your question, try to add a follow-up response letting them know if it worked or not.
1.24 Make it clear to the supporters on your topic if a problem is solved and show your gratitude by thanking them for the help!
1.25 Welcome newcomers. Do not chastise them for not reading the forum etiquette. Make them feel welcome in the community and do not make them feel dumb or silly.
1.26 Before posting your question, search the forums. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered or resolved.
1.27 Do not use words such as 'Urgent' or 'Important' in your subject line. Every post here is considered important.
1.28 Do not use all capital letters, excessive question marks (?) or exclamation points (!) in your subject or content.
1.29 If you think a moderator is abusing his or her power, feel free to contact the Administrator.
1.30 Feel free to contact the administrator if you are unsure about these rules.

Strictly Forbidden.
2.01 No child pornography.
2.02 No incest.
2.03 No rape (or any other form of non-consentual activities).
2.04 No murder or death.
2.05 No sex involving animals (bestiality or beast).

Please understand that We can't possibly predict every possible scenario. We're not out looking for ways to warn or ban people, but in cases of outright obnoxiousness or obvious stupidity or carelessness, we reserve the right to do so.
Repeated violation of the rules and ignoring requests to stop may end with temprary suspensions of posting rights, or banning if need be.
For the most part, just use some common sense while posting, and all is fine.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the board.
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